Komega's raw perilla oil is a traditional Korean-made oil that has no additives or no roasted.

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What is perilla?



Group: Dicotyledon / Family: Lamiacea / Duration: Annual

According to historical records, perilla and sesame have grown in Korea since the period of United Silla. Judging from the records, Koreans have enjoyed perilla for 1,000 years.

Only Koreans like to eat perilla among other nationalities in the world. Perilla contains over 60% of omega-3 fatty acids, and it has a good change to advance to the global market.

Perilla leaves are used to eat rice or meat with ssam, while perilla seed powder can be used to cook stews. On the other hand, perilla seeds can be extracted for oil.

A spouse or an owner of an object was called “Imja” in ancient Korea and the Chinese characters of perilla is “Imja.” Based on this fact, we can infer that perilla has been a very important crop for Koreans.

Recently, people in a village called Thompson Hills in Singapore began growing Korean perilla in their gardens to use it to relax their minds and bodies. The Korean perilla has become Korea’s representative crop in the world.